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What is Animation in PowerPoint?

Animation refers to a graphic element that displays movement. When you apply some visual effects to the content in your slide or to the entire slide then the outcome is known as an animated slide. Popular presentation software like PowerPoint is packaged with animation features so that you can use various animation methods to animate graphics, texts, bullets, titles, images, and other visual content. Animation in PowerPoint helps your audience feel interested in the presentation. The animation artwork is created with the help of the AutoShape features of the PowerPoint. The effects are then applied to the objects using Custom Animation.

What are the Different
Types of Animation in PowerPoint?

There are two types of Animations you can apply to make
your presentation effective:

  • Transitions

Transitions are the type of animations applied between the slides. When you pass from one slide to another, you can apply animated effects in-between these slides. There are many transition options available in the transition pane of the PowerPoint ribbon. Refer to the image below:

transition image


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 ‘Effect options’ are
the additional transition animation options. Using effect options, you can
adjust the effect direction of your slide transition. Additionally, you can
also adjust the time duration and sound effects for each transition slide as
per your choice.

  • Animation

Using the animation option in the PowerPoint toolbar, you
can apply visual effects to the object in your slide. You can animate text,
titles, images, charts, videos, etc. by selecting any animation option of your
choice present in the animation PowerPoint ribbon. Refer to the image below:

animation image

You choose any from the following animation options:

  • Entrance Animations
    with a green colored icon for the object to enter the slide based on your time
  • Exit animations with a red-colored
    icon for the object to exit the slide
  • Motion path animations
    for moving the object from one point to another
  • Emphasis animation with
    a yellow colored icon for drawing attention to that object.

How to Apply Animation
to Your Presentation Slides?

You can follow the following steps:

  • Select your target
    object on the slide. This may be text, image, or any other content.
  • Click the ‘Add
    Animation’ option from the Animation pane. You will find a list of the entrance,
    exit, emphasis, and motion path animation options. Choose the option you want
    to apply.
  • You can also set the
    time and duration for your object to appear on the slide.

Some Tips While Adding

  • Keep simple animations
    for business presentations.
  • Avoid overdoing the
  • Ensure the timing and
    animated object synchronize properly.
  • you can watch the video given below to understand powerpoint animation using motion path

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