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What is Android TV?

Android TV is the genre of the Android operating system developed by Google and is designed especially for Television. You can stream content to your television via free and paid apps using the internet connection. It is somewhat the same as Amazon Fire and Roku. The navigation through menus on the Android TV is in similar fashion i.e. your smartphone acting as a remote to guide you through navigation. Beyond its efficient streaming capacities, it can also access the Google Play store. The play store contains hundreds of apps that have been created to suit Android TV’s requirements. It is a more complex system than any other streaming device in the market but it’s also considered as a powerful system.

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What is the Difference Between Smart TVs and Android TVs?

Technically speaking, Android TV is a type of Smart TV. But there are a few differences that distinguish them from each other.

  • The operating systems of both TVs differ from each other. In smart TVs, the operating system is chosen by manufacturers according to their liking. For e.g. Samsung smart TVs have Tizen OS while LG smart TVs have webOS. Android TV has only one operating system i.e. Android OS.
  • Smart TVs come with only some in-built apps and there are no physical add-ons. In android TV, you can install as many apps from your smartphone via Google Play Store. It also supports video chats like Google Hangouts.

How to Set-up and Use Android TV?

You can use the features of basic Android TV without a Google account. But if you want to install additional apps or get access to Google Assistant, you should have a Google account. When you set up your TV, you will be asked to log in to your Google account. You can either connect the TV via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection and answer a few questions regarding your location and preferences. After completing the formalities, you will see the home screen.

What are Some Voice Commands for Android TV?

You can control the navigation of your TV through voice commands with the help of Google assistant. Some of the universal voice commands are:

  • “Play some music”
  • “Play”, “Stop”, “Resume” while watching any movie or video on TV
  • “Louder,” and “Softer” to control sound

Which Televisions and Set-top boxes are Powered by Android TV?

The following set-top boxes support Android TV

  • NVIDIA Shield set-top box
  • Sony Bravia
  • Sharp AQUOS TVs
  • Xiaomi Mi set-top box