What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a tool used to create digital presentations. It is a presentation program invented by Dennis Austin and Robert Gaskins and released on April 20, 1987. Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the important programs run by the Microsoft company and offers many features to the users from displaying simple presentations to complicated data analysis corporate presentations. It is a component of MS Office Suite software and is combined together with MS Word, MS Excel, and other MS Office productivity tools. With PowerPoint, you can present your ideas and themes in a dynamic and visually captivating way.

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Defining a PowerPoint Presentation

  • A PowerPoint presentation is a series of slides that you create either with a template or a blank slide.
  • The templates provided by Microsoft Office contain the information template with various designs and styles that you want to share. For e.g. if your focus is to present a slide show of images with caption, you can use the respective template instead of creating it from scratch.
  • Additionally, you can also insert videos and charts from the internet or your computer. You can use the animation option to transit your slides in and out and make your presentation visually compelling.

Defining PowerPoint Online

PowerPoint Online is the free version of MS PowerPoint for you to use within a website browser. It is free to use irrespective of the option you select to license PowerPoint. With your Microsoft account, you can create and view presentations using PowerPoint Online.

Applications of Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Corporate presentations for promoting products and services
  • Educational presentations for teaching lessons in classroom and seminars
  • Personal reasons such as slideshow of family photos and mind maps
  • Sales and Marketing stuff
  • Event presentations such as marriages, family reunions, or anniversaries
  • Budget and Financial Slideshow
  • Display of diagrams, charts, market analysis, research reports, calendars, etc.

Where to Find Microsoft PowerPoint?

 Almost all windows-based computers come with inbuilt MS Office tools. Hence, your computer or laptop will definitely have PowerPoint installed. You can also purchase PowerPoint by subscribing to Office 365 or purchasing the MS Office suite outright from the Microsoft store. 

Important Tips for Creating a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation:

  • Avoid putting a lot of information in the slides. Presentations are meant to summarize your topic in simple and correct words.
  • Use high-quality images and graphics to make your presentation visually appealing
  • Include relevant and accurate charts and graphs.
  • Avoid the series of animated words and sentences as it creates a distraction for the audience.